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Computer Engineering

Laboratory for Integrated Circuits and Systems (LICS)

Conduct advanced research on integrated circuits and contribute, to the most extent, to the advancement of micro-nano-electronics.

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Nonlinear Computing Lab (NCL)

The Nonlinear Computing Lab (NCL) aims to bring novel perspectives and breakthroughs to the research community. Projects at NCL include software-based approaches to reduce data center water footprint, market mechanisms to coordinate power management in multi-tenant data centers, and securing multi-tenant data centers against well-timed power attacks.

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Real-Time Embedded and Networked systems (RTEN) Lab

Research in the RTEN Lab aims to develop robust, predictable, and reliable real-time embedded and cyber-physical systems. Our research area spans multiple layers of the computing stack, including operating systems, virtualization, multi-core architectures, GPGPUs, and networking. We design, implement, and evaluate new systems mechanisms and analytical methods to serve diverse applications in uncertain environments.

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Systems Optimization and Computer Architecture Lab (SoCAL)

The Systems Optimization and Computer Architecture Lab (SoCal) focuses on a broad range of computer systems-related research, spanning data centers to microarchitecture.

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VLSI System and Computation Lab (VSC-LAB)

VSC-LAB at UCR focus on cutting-edge nanometer VLSI design methodology and design tool development for current and future nanometer System-On-a-Chip VLSI and real-time embedded systems.

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Extreme Storage & Computer Architecture Laboratory (ESCAL)

The vision of Extreme Storage & Computer Architecture Laboratory is to revolutionary change the way how people think about programming and computing today — using a data-centric perspective in programming instead of the conventional computing-centric approach. ESCAL conducts research in systems and computer architecture with focus on storage systems, parallel processing, high-performance computing, programming languages and runtime systems

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