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Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems, as the name implies, is an area of research that deals with systems and machines with intelligence. These systems come in many different forms; examples range from autonomous cars and drones to speech and facial recognition programs to recommendation systems for online shopping.

An intelligent system is essentially a computer-based system that can gather, interpret, and reason about data. Instead of following a set of fixed rules, the system can learn hidden structure in the data, extract useful patterns, and learn strategies and actions that maximize some reward. In other words, the system has artificial intelligence that it gains after training on lots of data, using a variety of computational models.

The ECE Department at UCR features a number of faculty that conducts cutting-edge research in intelligent systems. We develop algorithms and systems for processing and understanding massive amounts of static and dynamic data. We develop computer vision and machine learning algorithms to make sense of the captured data and understand the world. We develop intelligent and autonomous transportation systems that can reliably communicate with each other and navigate dynamic environments.

Core Faculty

Cooperating Faculty