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MS Themes & Program Overview

MS Program Overview

  • Focus is on obtaining mastery of a specific area through taking advanced courses and/or completing a thesis.
  • Program is 1-2 years. At least 36 units in ECE and related areas.
  • Additional requirements depend on whether students choose a Thesis Option (Plan I) or Exam Option (Plan II).

Each student is individually responsible for meeting all degree requirements as will be fully explained in the 2019-2020 ECE Graduate Manual and the 2019-20 UCR General Catalog (available soon).

  • MS Thesis Option
    • 6 formal graduate courses (24 units)
    • 12 research units (EE 297/299)
    • A thesis must be submitted and defended
    • Typical time-to-degree is 2 years
  • MS Exam Option
    • 6 formal graduate courses (24 units)
    • 3 upper-division EE undergrad courses (12 units) - may include up to 8 units of directed studies
    • Must pass the Comprehensive Exam
    • Typical time-to-degree is 1 year

MS Themes

The Master's program in Electrical Engineering (MS in EE) offers several specialized themes. Click on the themes below for more details.

*  Embedded Real-Time Systems and Internet of Things are also relevant to the CEN Master's Program.