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Communications, Signal Processing, and Networking

Center for Ubiquitous Communication by Light (UC-LIGHT)

The UC-Light Center is a University of California systemwide research center consisting of 13 co-PIs from six UC campuses and National Laboratories. The mission of the UC-Light center is to enable wireless communications by embedding signals into the light emitted by LEDs for various applications such as smart illumination, wireless big data streaming, smart traffic control, smart hospitals, light-based navigation and positioning, advertising, and other purposes.

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Hua's Lab of Signals, Systems and Networks

Conduct fundamental and applied research in signal processing with application to wireless communications and sensing systems with a focus of transferring findings into commercial applications and, in turn, identifying new problems to continue the cycle of research.

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Video Computing Group

Focuses on foundational principles of image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and visual learning; applications in cyber-physical, intelligent and autonomous systems.

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Computational Sensing and Information Processing Lab

Computational Sensing

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Error-Control (EC) Lab

Improve quality of data transmission and storage with EC Codes

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Information Theory Lab

Communication theory, signal processing

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