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Control and Robotics

Autonomous Robots and Control Systems (ARCS) Lab

We focus on Robotics, Control, Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Dynamical Systems.

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Cooperative Vehicle Networks (COVEN) Laboratory

Focuses on theory and applications in distributed coordination and control of multiple autonomous vehicles with research objectives including cooperative control algorithm design, networked cyber-physical systems, autonomous vehicles, distributed sensor networks and object-oriented multiple ground robot and UAV experiments.

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Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Lab

Research focuses on navigation, control and planning algorithms for autonomous vehicles.

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Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Laboratory (TASL)

Conduct advanced research on robotics, trustworthy AI & ML, reinforcement learning, control, optimization, and their applications to intelligent autonomous systems (e.g., autonomous vehicles, mobile robots, drones, robot arms, cyber-physical systems) with a focus on human-robot interactions and multi-agent systems. 
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