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New Graduate Student Information

Congratulations on your admission to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department!

Below are helpful resources to assist you in your future at BCOE.

  • Important Fall 2020 Dates

    All new grad students will be required to attend mandatory orientation events before the quarter begins.

    Important Fall 2020 dates:

    August 26th - RSVP deadline for the ECE MS Course Planning workshop (highly recommended to RSVP promptly)

    August 24-28th and September 10th - October 16th - Fall enrollment in R'Web. Enroll in 13 units (including 1 unit of EE 259 colloquium) for full-time student status unless you have been approved by the department for part-time status. Note: New students commonly enroll on an ongoing basis throughout the month of September.

    August 31st, 4 - 5 PM - MS Course Planning Workshop (highly recommended)

    September 7th - Campus holiday closure

    September 29th - ECE  New Graduate Student Orientation Required for new graduate students.

    October 1st - 

    Oct. 8th - Deadline to submit course plans

  • Health Insurance and Immunization Requirement

    Health Insurance

    All UCR graduate students are required to have medical insurance and are automatically enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Policy (GSHIP). The fee for the insurance is included in your quarterly fee statement. You can learn more about GSHIP here:

    • Insurance waivers

      • If you already have adequate health insurance through  your parent(s) or an outside agency, you can submit an insurance waiver application to avoid double coverage.

      • International students should not purchase health insurance in your home country without first contacting Student Health Services (951)827-5683.

      • For any questions about the insurance waiver, contact Student Health Services (951)827-5683.

    Important notice for international students: It is a United States federal government requirement that dependents have adequate medical insurance coverage for the period of their stay in the U.S. Specific insurance coverage requirements are available from the UCR International Students Office (ISSO) as explained here: insurance coverage will not begin until a specific date that will be communicated to you directly by the ISSO. If you arrive earlier than this date, you will need to purchase temporary travel insurance to cover you from the time you enter the U.S. until the insurance start date. Please check directly with the ISSO for details or questions.'

    Immunization Requirement

    All incoming UCR students are required to obtain immunizations and undergo a tuberculosis screening prior to reaching campus.  Contact the Student Health Center at (951)827-3031 or with any questions.

  • Housing

    On-campus housing information is available from UCR Housing Services at (951) 827-6350,, or visit their website.

    Off-campus housing:  Some students prefer to find housing off-campus (this can be more cost-effective especially for students with families). There are helpful resources for off-campus housing here:

  • International Students

    The International Students Office (ISSO) has logistical information that all newly admitted international students must review available here:

  • Money and Expenses

    The Student Business Services (SBS) office administers the payment of fees for the university. Please see the quarterly tuition and fees , payment options , and payment deadlines.

    International Students are strongly encouraged to read the International Students Office New Student Guide.

    • Students receiving financial support:
      • If you are receiving a fellowship, set up direct deposit in R'Web by going to the "Student Accounts" tab and select the "Student Account Online" link. Direct deposit is highly recommended for the fastest fellowship disbursement.
      • Fellowships will begin being disbursed in late September.
      • Financial support will not disburse until students are enrolled in at least 12 units. New students register in early September.
      • Ph.D. students receiving a full fellowship will have their university tuition, health insurance, and most fees paid after enrolling in 12 units in early September. If you are employed at 25% or higher as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) or Teaching Assistant (TA), you will be responsible to pay the miscellaneous fee differential of ~$350 per quarter. Funded students are individually responsible to pay any fees owed including for housing, document fees, library fees, and any other fees.


    • M.S. students and self-supported students must bring enough money to pay University fees (tuition, fees, and health insurance)
  • R'Card: UCR ID Card

    The R'Card (UCR ID card) fee is $30. You may obtain your R'Card by following the instructions online here:

    Your R'Card will be used to access buildings within the Bourns College of Engineering. We will go over how to activate your card for access during the ECE Department New Graduate Student Orientation. 


  • R'Web

    R'Web is UCR's online portal to student affairs information. Students can register for courses, view grades, and change personal information.

    • Log-in to R'Web prior to September 1st to update your email address, local address, and familiarize yourself with the system. You will need your UCR Net ID and Student ID. 
    • If you are receiving financial support, set up direct deposit in R'Web by going to the "Student Accounts" tab and select the "Student Account Online" link. Direct deposit is highly recommended for the fastest fellowship disbursement.
  • Registration

    New graduate students begin course registration in August or September. The Graduate Services Advisor will email you with detailed enrollment and course planning information in advance of your registration deadlines. This will also be explained at the ECE Department Orientation before the start of the fall term.

    To avoid issues with your registration, you must make sure there are no holds such as financial or passport verifications. Read your final admission letter from the Graduate Division Admissions Office for details about any registration holds for final transcripts, degree certificates, or test scores.

    You may familiarize yourself with the department policies and procedures by viewing the ECE Graduate Student Manual. The version posted is from the previous academic year.  An updated version will be given to you once you arrive at the ECE Orientation.

  • UCR Email Account

    You can set up your UCR R’Mail account by going to iGuide for R’Mail for instructions.

    In addition to your UCR email account, you will be provided with an Engineering (ECE) email account. We will go over how to setup your ECE email account during the ECE Department Orientation. Once you become a registered student, the ECE email account will be the one the Department will use to send you any email correspondence including all events and student announcements. It is important that you check this account often.

  • UCR NetID and Student ID

    Once you have provided the Office of Graduate Admissions with the information they need, you will be sent a final admission letter. 

    Both your UCR NetID and Student ID numbers are located on the top right corner of the letter. 

  • Statement of Legal Residence
  • Quicklinks