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Communications, Signal Processing, and Networking

Communications, Signal Processing, and Networking (CSPN) is the foundation of all modern systems and networks. Without CSPN, no system can be intelligent, no vehicle can navigate, and no power grid can be smart. CSPN builds directly upon the modern technology of computing devices, and provides the most critical layer of interface between the innovations in our cyber world and the medium in our physical world.  In CSPN, we research about how signals can be processed to embed information, to extract information, and to filter out noises and interferences. With CSPN, our next generation (such as 5G networks) of wireless mobile services will come sooner, our homes will become smarter and greener, and our lives will become healthier and happier.

Research in CSPN at UCR focuses on the investigation and development of fundamental theories, algorithms and systems for wireless sensing, wireless networking, wireless security, and video and multimedia technologies. Example applications include speech processing and recognition, mobile communication using smartphones, fiber optical communication, image enhancement and compression.

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