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Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, and Devices

Nanotechnology, the study of novel materials, devices and phenomena at the sub-100-nm scales, offers great opportunities for innovations in engineering and science. At such length scales, conventional theories in electrical engineering face challenges not only from device size reduction, but also from quantum mechanics confinement, interfacial phenomena in nano-devices, and emerging properties of nanomaterials. 

The ECE Department at UCR features a diverse group of faculty that conducts innovative research in Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, and Devices. Nanoscale materials studied in this department are plentiful, including (but not limited to) low-dimensional materials, functional oxides, DNA-based nanostructures, functional interfacial materials, and artificial optical materials. A broad range of electric, magnetic and optical nano-devices and circuits are studied, covering both leading-edge theories and experiments. Example applications include creation of ultra-fast low-power transistors, efficient solar cells for energy generation, high-density memory for smart phones and mobile services, and tiny devices for medical applications.

Core Faculty

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