The paper by Ph.D. student Joe Khalife and Prof. Zak Kassas entitled "Precise UAV Navigation with Cellular Carrier Phase Measurements" won the IEEE Walter Fried Award for Best Paper at the IEEE/ION Position, Location, and Navigation Symposium (PLANS 2018). The Walter Fried Award is given to the best overall paper at the conference on the basis of technical content; innovation; importance and timeliness of the subject matter; and conciseness, clarity, and completeness of the written material.
The paper presented a comprehensive study to enable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to navigate with cellular carrier phase signals to an unprecedented sub-meter-level precision without relying on GPS signals or any other sensors. This paper constitutes another step by Prof. Kassas' research lab (Autonomous Systems Perception, Intelligence, & Navigation Laboratory- ASPIN) to ensure accurate and resilient autonomous navigation for future cyber-physical systems (CPS) with minimal sensory payload.