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Colloquia Archives

Colloquia Archives

2017 Colloquia Archives

Monday, 10/16/17 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Colloquium Speaker: Professor Renkun Chen presents a talk on

Friday, 3/3/17 - 1:17 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

TG is testing


2016 Colloquia Archives

Monday, 10/31/16 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Plasmonic Metamaterials and Their Applications

Monday, 10/3/16 - 11:10 am
205/206 Winston Chung Hall

A Talk on Exploiting Structure for Control of Transportation Networks

Monday, 9/26/16 - 11:10 am
A265 Bourns Hall

A Talk on Robust and Secure Perception for Automated Vehicles

Monday, 5/9/16 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Talk on "Ten Things You Didn't Know About Memristors" Presented By Dr. Leon Chua

Monday, 2/1/16 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

A Talk on “The Interplay between Big Data and Sparsity in System Theory"

Monday, 1/11/16 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

A Talk on “Multi-Robot Systems - Developing Tools for Science


2015 Colloquia Archives

Monday, 11/23/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Distinguished Speaker Dr. Mihaela van der Schaar - A Talk on

Monday, 11/16/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Dr. Adam Wierman - Data Centers and Energy: Did We Get it Backwards?

Monday, 11/9/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Xiangfeng Duan - A Talk on "Two-Dimensional Materials, Heterostructures and Devices"

Monday, 11/2/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Murali Annavaram - A Talk on "GPU Register File Virtualization"

Monday, 10/26/15 - 11:35 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Shaolei Ren - A Talk on "Power Management in Multi-Tenant Data Centers and Beyond"

Monday, 10/19/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Austin Minnich - A Talk on "Engineering Heat Dissipation in Electronic Devices"

Monday, 10/12/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

A Talk on “Video To Go: Optimizing Video Delivery on Mobile Networks ”

Monday, 6/1/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Jianping Wang - A talk on

Monday, 5/18/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Dr. Michelle Povinelli - A Talk on “Light-Assisted Templated Self Assembly”

Monday, 4/27/15 - 11:10 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Exploring Novel Spin-Dependent Phenomena in Heterostructures

Monday, 4/20/15 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Connected/Automated Vehicle (C/AV) Technology and Its Impacts on the Environment

Monday, 4/6/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Resilient and Accurate Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles

Monday, 3/9/15 - 10:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Enabling Coordinated Power Management in Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Monday, 3/2/15 - 10:00 am
Bourns Hall, A265

Architecting Components for a 10 Billion Transistor Processor

Wednesday, 2/18/15 - 2:00 pm
Bourns Hall A265

Emerging Nonvolatile Memory Technology based Future Main Memory System

Monday, 2/2/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Light-Assisted Templated Self Assembly

Monday, 1/26/15 - 1:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Small UAVs for Navigation, Guidance and Control Research

Monday, 1/26/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Classical Command of Quantum Systems

Monday, 1/12/15 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Graphene Modulator: from Manipulating Light to Controlling Chemical Reactions


2014 Colloquia Archives

Monday, 12/8/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Scalable Manufacturing of Plasmonic and Metasurfaces

Monday, 11/17/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Optoelectronics in Two-Dimensional Atomic Layer Materials

Monday, 11/10/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Integrated Bioflexible Electronic Devices in Laminates

Monday, 11/3/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Designing the Future Wireless Broadband Presented by: Dr. Konstantinos Psounis

Monday, 10/27/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Closed-Loop Brain-Machine Interface Architectures

Monday, 10/20/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Cephalopod-Derived Materials for Photonic and Protonic Devices

Monday, 10/6/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Cyber-Physical System Architectures and Design Methodologies

Monday, 6/2/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Semantic Computing and Its Applications

Monday, 5/12/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Quantum Annealing with Hundreds of Qubits

Monday, 4/21/14 - 12:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

A Talk on

Monday, 4/14/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Ubiquitous Sensing for Somatic Studies Presented by: Dr. Ramesh Rao

Monday, 3/31/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Virus-based Piezoelectric Energy Generation Presented by Dr. Seung-Wuk Lee

Monday, 3/17/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Sampling and Modeling of Large-scale Networked Data

Monday, 3/10/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Control of Power Electronic Systems Using Nonparametric Models

Monday, 3/3/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Emergent Research Issues on Smart Grid and Grid Modernization

Tuesday, 2/25/14 - 2:10 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Collaborative Opportunistic Navigation

Monday, 2/24/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Real-Time Systems for Dynamic Activity Understanding, Analysis, and Prediction

Monday, 2/3/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Design Considerations and Challenges for Handset Front End Module

Monday, 1/13/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Dr. Yang-Seok Choi :Simultaneous Transmission and Reception

Monday, 1/6/14 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Aydogan Ozcan : Computational Microscopy, Sensing and Diagnostics


2013 Colloquia Archives

Monday, 11/25/13 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) based Scheduling in Wireless Networks

Monday, 11/18/13 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

State and Future of Wireless Communications and Networking

Monday, 10/28/13 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

"Computer Vision and Augmented Reality at Qualcomm"

Monday, 10/7/13 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

What Objective Function Should be Used in ISOs' Day-ahead Markets?

Monday, 7/8/13 - 11:00 am
Bourns Hall, A265

Hybrid Energy Storage Systems: A Computer Systems Design Approach

Wednesday, 6/19/13 - 2:40 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 138

Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

Friday, 5/24/13 - 11:00 am
A265 Bourns Hall

Future Electric Energy Systems: Technology and Society

Monday, 5/20/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Sense and Avoid for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Monday, 5/13/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Technology and Design Co-optimization for Sub 14nm Technology Nodes

Monday, 4/29/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Distributed Storage in Wireless Clouds

Monday, 4/22/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Beyond Black's Equation: Full-Chip EM/SM Assessment in 3D IC Stack

Friday, 4/12/13 - 2:00 pm
Bourns Hall A265

Vladimir Mitin:

Friday, 2/22/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Berardi Sensale Rodriguez: Closing the Terahertz Gap with Tunable 2DEG Systems

Friday, 2/15/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Piya Pal: Pushing the Limits of Sparse Recovery: The Power of Correlation Awareness


2012 Colloquia Archives

Friday, 11/30/12 - 12:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Professor. Chengshan Xiao Optimal Linear Precoding for Finite Alphabet Signaling in

Monday, 11/26/12 - 2:10 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Prof. Tajana Simunic Rosing Improving the Energy Efficiency of Data Centers

Tuesday, 11/13/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Aswin Sankaranarayanan Compressive Sensing of High-Dimensional Visual Signals

Monday, 10/29/12 - 2:10 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Wavelets on Graphs: Theory and Applications

Monday, 10/15/12 - 2:10 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Weak Quantum Measurements and Feedback - Todd Brun

Monday, 3/12/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Analog Networking and Its Applications in Compression, Control and Neural Sensing

Monday, 3/5/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Towards Autonomous Demand Side Management for the Future Smart Grid

Thursday, 2/23/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Sparse Recovery: Fundamental Limits and Network Applications

Tuesday, 2/21/12 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Representing Actions, Events, and Activities as Motion Patterns

Wednesday, 2/15/12 - 2:00 pm
Bourns Hall A265

Light Matters! Concepts of Nano Opto-Electronics for a Smarter Planet

Monday, 2/13/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Channel Coding in Wireless

Tuesday, 1/31/12 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Learning Visual Knowledge by Information Projection

Monday, 1/23/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Hybrid Sparse/Diffuse Channels: Channel Models, Bayesian Estimators and Analysis


2011 Colloquia Archives

Distributed Control of Networked Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Applications

October 3, 2011 |Full Article

Actuator Saturation, Anti-windup, Scheduling and Other Ancient Stories

May 16, 2011 |Full Article

Distributed Camera Networks: Integrated Sensing and Analysis for Wide Area Scene Understanding

May 9, 2011 |Full Article

A talk on “Parallel Computing for VLSI Design ”

April 25, 2011 |Full Article

RFIC Power Amplifier Module and its Packaging Technologies for Handset Applications

April 18, 2011 |Full Article

Technical Considerations during Packaging and Test at Intel Corporation

March 7, 2011 |Full Article

Programmable Laboratories‐on‐Chip: Why the Biochemist of the Future will be a Programmer”

February 28, 2011 |Full Article

Dynamics‐based Information Extraction via Hybrid System Identification

February 7, 2011 |Full Article

Distinguished Speaker - Robots in Peace and War: Recent Developments, Risks and Ethical Implications

January 31, 2011 |Full Article

Computational Illumination

January 24, 2011 |Full Article

Physical Layer Techniques for Enhancing Wireless Security

January 10, 2011 |Full Article


2010 Colloquia Archives

Multi‐class Object Detection and Layered Segmentation

November 29, 2010 |Full Article

Optimal Feedback Strategy for Building Demand Response Control

November 22, 2010 |Full Article

Understanding Video of Crowded Environments

November 15, 2010 |Full Article

Hybrid Dynamical Systems and Feedback Control

November 8, 2010 |Full Article

The Dynamics of Confusion and Consensus in Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems

November 1, 2010 |Full Article

From Car Navigation to Landing on Mars

October 25, 2010 |Full Article

A talk on “Graphene: Properties and Applications”

October 18, 2010 |Full Article

Fast Chip-Level Statistical Leakage Analysis for Both Strong and Weak Spatial Correlations

April 12, 2010 |Full Article

Spin Wave-Based Logic Devices  – A Route Towards 3D Integrated Magneto-Electric Circuitry

March 8, 2010 |Full Article

Nanoelectronics – Technology Assessment, Projection and Biosensing Applications at the Device, Circuit, and System Level

March 3, 2010 |Full Article

Heusler Compounds: From Spintronics to Thermoelectrics

March 1, 2010 |Full Article

Heusler Compounds: From Spintronics to Thermoelectrics

February 26, 2010 |Full Article

Discriminative models for finding people and objects (and their interactions)

February 22, 2010 |Full Article

Sunlight-Driven Hydrogen Formation by Membrane-Supported

February 8, 2010 |Full Article

EE Colloquium Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010 |Full Article


2009 Colloquia Archives

Renovating the Power System

November 30, 2009 |Full Article

LifeChips Research and Development at UC Irvine

November 23, 2009 |Full Article

Pseudo Spins in Graphitic Carbon Nanostructures: From Analogy of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Carbon Based ElectronicsA Perspective on Working with DARPAScale Length Theory of MOSFETs

November 19, 2009 |Full Article

A Perspective on Working with DARPAScale Length Theory of MOSFETs

November 9, 2009 |Full Article

Plasmonic Superlenses: Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit

November 2, 2009 |Full Article

Bit-Interleaved Coded Multiple Beamforming

October 26, 2009 |Full Article

Semiconductor Nanowires: Building Blocks for Future Digital Computation and More

October 19, 2009 |Full Article

The Semiconductor Industry’s Nanoelectronics Research Initiative:

October 5, 2009 |Full Article

Spin Wave-Based Logic Devices  – A Route Towards 3D Integrated Magneto-Electric Circuitry

August 3, 2009 |Full Article

Emerging Research Materials and Assembly Methods: Challenges and Opportunities

June 2, 2009 |Full Article

Scale Length Theory of MOSFETs

May 26, 2009 |Full Article

Assembly of block copolymers on chemically nanopatterned substrates: a platform for nanoscale lithography

May 12, 2009 |Full Article

Beyond Watson and Crick: Recent advances in the use of DNA as a building material

May 5, 2009 |Full Article

Graphene: Quantum Transport in a 2D membrane

April 28, 2009 |Full Article

Tracking Performance of Linear Systems over Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained Channels

April 14, 2009 |Full Article

Speed and Power Challenges in IC Interconnect

April 7, 2009 |Full Article

A Novel LIDAR and Computer Vision Calibration Procedure

April 1, 2009 |Full Article

Patterning Technologies for Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up

March 10, 2009 |Full Article

Raman Nanometrology of Graphene

March 3, 2009 |Full Article

High Throughput Ab Initio Modeling of Charge Transport Through Carbon Nanotube-Molecular Based Systems

February 24, 2009 |Full Article

Improving RF Transmitter Energy Efficiency for Future Generation Wireless Systems

February 17, 2009 |Full Article

Thermoelectric Properties of the Bi and Bi2Te3 Nanowires

February 3, 2009 |Full Article

Cooperative Multipoint Transmission

January 27, 2009 |Full Article

Carbon Nanoelectronics: From Correlated Electrons to Sensors and Devices

January 20, 2009 |Full Article

Dynamic Scene Analysis in a Camera Network

January 14, 2009 |Full Article

First Principles Approaches to Design of Materials with applications to Nanoelectronics

January 13, 2009 |Full Article

Terahertz CMOS Circuit Designs and Their Applications for Ultra-high Data Rate (>100Gbps) and Short Distance Communications

January 6, 2009 |Full Article


2008 Colloquia Archives

THz Transistors, sub-mm-wave ICs, mm-wave Systems

November 18, 2008 |Full Article

Silicon Photonics, Moore’s Law, and Photon Economics

November 4, 2008 |Full Article

Microresonator Based Photonic Integrated Circuits

October 28, 2008 |Full Article

Carbon Nanotubes RF Devices

October 21, 2008 |Full Article

New Results in Coding and Communication Theory

October 14, 2008 |Full Article

What is the Future of Multicore Designs?

October 7, 2008 |Full Article

Wafer bonding for Heterogeneous Integration*

September 30, 2008 |Full Article

On-board Power Generation Strategies in More Electric Aircraft Systems

March 21, 2008 |Full Article

Analysis and Optimization of the Accuracy of Mobile Robot Localization

March 20, 2008 |Full Article

Stochastic Resonance in Signal and Image Processing

March 18, 2008 |Full Article

Distributed Network Resource Allocation using Economic Mechanisms

March 17, 2008 |Full Article


2007 Colloquia Archives

Continuous Quantum Measurement of Solid-State Qubits

November 26, 2007 |Full Article

Hard Disk Drive as a Magnetomechanical Logic Device

November 19, 2007 |Full Article

Optical Communications Toward 10 Tb/sec

November 5, 2007 |Full Article

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: the Quest for

October 29, 2007 |Full Article

Architecture-level Power Modeling and Reliable Cache Design for High-Performance Multi-Core

October 22, 2007 |Full Article

NANO: Applications in Electronics and Energy Devices

October 15, 2007 |Full Article

Graph Based Representation and Analysis of Probabilistic Functions

October 8, 2007 |Full Article

Super-resolution and Facial Expression for Face Recognition in Video

October 1, 2007 |Full Article

Nanostructures: Confinement, Proximity and Induced Effects

June 8, 2007 |Full Article

Dynamic Scene Analysis in A Camera Network

May 21, 2007 |Full Article

Nanoscale Materials Research in VLSI Interconnect Technology

May 10, 2007 |Full Article

Modeling & Simulation of Sub-90nm Interconnect Circuits

May 7, 2007 |Full Article

Graph Coloring & Distributed Source Coding

April 30, 2007 |Full Article

Distinguished Speaker Seminar: Functional Integrated Antennas

April 23, 2007 |Full Article

Assistive Vision Technology for the Blind

April 16, 2007 |Full Article

Analog IC Design for High-Speed Data Communications & Biomedical Implantable Devices

April 9, 2007 |Full Article

Power optimization techniques for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)

April 2, 2007 |Full Article

Automatic Generation of Streaming Accelerators from a High Level Representation

March 26, 2007 |Full Article

In vivo optical molecular imaging of the VEGF for monitoring cancer treatment

March 23, 2007 |Full Article

Novel electro-optic devices and systems for biomedical applications

March 19, 2007 |Full Article

Development of Micro-optical Devices for In Situ Nanometrology

March 16, 2007 |Full Article

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design for Mobile Multimedia Applications

March 12, 2007 |Full Article

Shedding light on disease with fluorescence diffuse optical tomography

March 9, 2007 |Full Article

Designing Low-power and robust computing systems in nanoscale technology

March 2, 2007 |Full Article

Computational Prototyping of High Performance Mixed-mode Circuits and Systems

February 26, 2007 |Full Article

Bridging VLSI Design and Manufacturing

February 23, 2007 |Full Article

ESD+RF IC Co-Design Methodology

February 16, 2007 |Full Article

Multifunctional oxide materials for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications

February 12, 2007 |Full Article

EventWeb: The next disruptive evolutionary stage in WWW

February 9, 2007 |Full Article

Harnessing Variabilities in Nanotechnology

February 5, 2007 |Full Article

Electronically-Controlled Transmission Line based on Left-Handed Metamaterial

February 2, 2007 |Full Article

A Quantum Dot based Electro-optic Modulator for Chip-to-chip Interconnects

January 29, 2007 |Full Article

Effects of the Atmospheric Channel on Free-space Laser Communications

January 22, 2007 |Full Article

Metamaterial Surfaces: A New Paradigm in Electromagnetics

January 8, 2007 |Full Article


2006 Colloquia Archives

Trends in Nano-Scaled Magnetic Reader Transducer

December 14, 2006 |Full Article

TCP: Systems Analysis and Design

December 11, 2006 |Full Article

Prediction in distributed source coding

November 27, 2006 |Full Article

First principles study of defects in ZnO

November 20, 2006 |Full Article

Error-resilient Lempel-Ziv Data Compression

November 13, 2006 |Full Article

One-Dimensional Nanostructures: Innovation and Beyond

November 6, 2006 |Full Article

The Digital Allpass Filter: A Versatile Signal Processing Building Block

October 30, 2006 |Full Article

Statistical VLSI Design Analysis

October 23, 2006 |Full Article

Oxide Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

October 16, 2006 |Full Article

New Frontiers in Synthesis and Verification of Switching Circuits: Molecular Electronics

October 9, 2006 |Full Article

Three-dimensional Magnetic Recording and Memory

October 2, 2006 |Full Article

Analysis of Multiple Antenna Systems With Finite-Rate Feedback: A

August 6, 2006 |Full Article

Electrochemically Fabricated Nanoengineered Materials

June 5, 2006 |Full Article

Integration of Communication and Control for Wireless Sensor Networks

May 26, 2006 |Full Article

Scalable Partitioning and Exploration of Chemical Spaces Using Geometric Hashing

May 22, 2006 |Full Article

Transport Rate for Multi-Antenna Wireless Networks with Multi-User Links

April 19, 2006 |Full Article

Manifold Based Dimension and Statistical Properties

April 10, 2006 |Full Article

Countering Communication Channel Effects in Networked Control Systems

April 7, 2006 |Full Article

Computational Bioimaging and Informatics

April 3, 2006 |Full Article

New Frontiers in Synthesis and Verification of Switching Circuits: From CMOS to Quantum..

March 22, 2006 |Full Article

Metal spintronics: Tunneling spectroscopy in junctions with magnetic...

March 20, 2006 |Full Article

Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering - A Power Management Perspective

March 17, 2006 |Full Article

Graphical Models for Estimation in Sensor Networks

March 13, 2006 |Full Article

From VLSI circuits to GeneChips: New Approaches to Placement Benchmarking

March 10, 2006 |Full Article

Image Reconstruction in Coherent Imaging: From Statics to Dynamics

March 6, 2006 |Full Article

Nanoscale Information Memory

March 3, 2006 |Full Article

Asymptotic Universal Optimality in Cooperative Wireless Networks and in Delay-limited...

February 27, 2006 |Full Article

The development of a 160 kBit molecular memory...

February 24, 2006 |Full Article

Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Health Management at Pratt & Whitney

February 10, 2006 |Full Article

Seamless, Scalable, Reconfigurable, Easily Deployable Multi-Projector Displays

January 6, 2006 |Full Article


2005 Colloquia Archives

Compact Modeling of VLSI Circuits via Model Order and Terminal Reduction

December 5, 2005 |Full Article


December 2, 2005 |Full Article

Predicting Performance for Object Recognition

November 28, 2005 |Full Article

High Performance Interconnect and Packaging

November 18, 2005 |Full Article

Vehicle Formation Control: Estimation, Communication and Control

November 14, 2005 |Full Article

Photonic Bandgap Structures: From Fiber Bragg Gratings to Microstructured Optical Fibers

May 23, 2005 |Full Article

Higher Order Electromagnetic Modeling for RF, Wireless, & Microwave Engineering App.

April 25, 2005 |Full Article

Distributed Signal Processing and Cooperative Communications

April 25, 2005 |Full Article

Investigating Membrane Nanoelectromechanics by Optical Technologies

April 11, 2005 |Full Article

Automated RTL Verification with Abstract Data

April 4, 2005 |Full Article

Low Power, High Performance and Nanometer-era Digital CMOS Circuit Design

February 28, 2005 |Full Article

Photonics Sensors

February 24, 2005 |Full Article


2004 Colloquia Archives

Cross-Layer Optimization in TCP/IP networks

November 29, 2004 |Full Article

A Unified Theory on Wireless Communication Fading Statistics via the SIRP/Fox H-Function

November 22, 2004 |Full Article

Communication constraints and latency in Networked control systems

November 15, 2004 |Full Article

Recent Advances in Ultra Wideband Wireless Communications

November 8, 2004 |Full Article

Closed-Loop Time Domain Model Validation using Coprime Factor Perturbations

October 18, 2004 |Full Article

Distributed Space-Time Coding in Wireless Relay Networks

October 11, 2004 |Full Article

Silicon Based Molecular Memory Devices

May 10, 2004 |Full Article

Current Research Directions in Spacecraft Antennas

May 3, 2004 |Full Article

Non-rigid Correspondence of Dynamic and Static Curves and Surfaces in Medical Images

April 26, 2004 |Full Article

Robust Low-Power Design for Nanometer Technology

April 21, 2004 |Full Article

Low Voltage Analog Circuit Design

April 12, 2004 |Full Article

GaAs MOSFETs with Nanoscale High-k gate Dielectrics Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition

April 2, 2004 |Full Article

Tracing Traitors: Collusion Resistant Multimedia Fingerprinting

March 8, 2004 |Full Article

Chemical Plume Tracing and Mapping with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

March 1, 2004 |Full Article

Aided Integer Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm and Its Implementation

February 23, 2004 |Full Article

Channel Estimation in Ultra Wideband Communications Using Up to the Second Order Statistics

February 9, 2004 |Full Article

Research Highlights of the Cornell Broadband Communications Research Laboratory

February 2, 2004 |Full Article

Probing electronic materials and devices at the nanometer scale

January 26, 2004 |Full Article


2003 Colloquia Archives

Fundamental Limitation and Tradeoff of Feedback

November 24, 2003 |Full Article

Micro- and Nano-technology: Applications in Biology and Engineering

November 17, 2003 |Full Article

Design of Fully Integrated SONET OC-48 Transceiver in CMOS Process

November 10, 2003 |Full Article

High Performance Optical Modulators for Analog and Digital Transmission

November 3, 2003 |Full Article

Bandgap Engineering with Compound Semiconductor Heterostructures

October 27, 2003 |Full Article


October 20, 2003 |Full Article

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