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Daniel Wong
NSF funded research for developing energy saving techniques in heterogeneous data centers

Professor Daniel Wong (PI) and Distinguished Professor Laxmi Bhuyan (Co-PI) received a three-year $500K grant (CCF-1815643) from the National Science Foundation for developing new evaluation methodology to qua

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Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun
ECE PhD Student Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun wins Best Paper Award at ICMR 2018

ECE PhD student Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun is the first author of the

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Amit and Kostas
Two DURIP Awards for Research in Robotics and Machine Intelligence

UCR and BCOE have been awarded with two equipment grants from ARO and ONR led by faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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June 04, 2018 11:10 am
WCH 205/206

Nano-Optics for Highly Localized EM Fields and Some Applications

May 21, 2018 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall 205/206

UAVs vs. Natural Autonomous Vehicles (NAVs) -- Are We Closing the Gap?

May 07, 2018 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall 205/206

Sparse Sampling for Active Learning of Multi-Source and Multi-Modal Environments

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