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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Labs

Solarium Laboratory

Students in the Solarium
Winston Chung Hall, 221
The Solarium is the main computer lab for all Electrical Engineering students. The lab consists of approximately thirty high speed computers. The lab is available 24 hours a day for the general use of Electrical and Computer Engineering students. If you are an Electrical or Computer Engineering student, you can gain access by following these instructions.
Instructional Laboratories

Winston Chung Hall
121, 125, 126, 128
The College of Engineering provides state-of-the-art integration of PC facilities within the other instrumentation in its engineering laboratories. The PC's are utilized for data entry, acquisition and analysis, virtual instrument experimentation and simulations, hardware design and testing, device modeling, and the programming of instrument control. They are fully networked.
Instructional Lab Equipment
Electrical Engineering Shop

Students in the Solarium
Winston Chung Hall, 137
The Electrical Engineering Shop is a place where students can go to to seek assistance with their projects, instructional lab equipment and circuit concerns and questions. Senior students are able to design and prototype their PCBs and have them milled. This is where all the instructional lab materials are stored and lent out.

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