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EE Graduate Student is the Best in the Graphene Session at TECHCON

EE Graduate Student is the Best in the Graphene Session at TECHCON
Guanxiong Liu Award 2011

Electrical Engineering PhD Candidate Guanxiong Liu, who conducts his dissertation research in Professor Alexander Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL), received the Best in Session Award in the Graphene Session of TECHCON conference. TECHCON is a top highly-selective technical conference sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Guanxion Liu’s research poster and paper were entitled Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Triple-Mode Amplifiers and Phase-Detectors for Analog Circuit Applications. Guanxiong is a lead researcher in Balandin group that built and experimentally demonstrated the first low-noise triple-mode graphene amplifier and phase detector. TECHCON is the primary event where SRC presents the best of research sponsored by the government and SRC member companies, and showcases the students who perform the research. It is also the venue for recognizing industry and university participants who make SRC a world-class research management organization. TECHCON 2011 included research presentations from the participants in the Global Research Collaboration (GRC), Focus Center Research Program (FCRP), and Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI) in integrated sessions. The conference is traditionally held in Austin, Texas. The TECHCON paper presentations were judged by the representatives from member companies, using a standard set of criteria and considering both paper presentation and poster.

Photo: PhD Candidate Guanxiong Liu in front of his poster holding the Certificate for the Best in Graphene Session Award.

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