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DURIP Award for “Full-Duplex Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output Relays”

DURIP Award for “Full-Duplex Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output Relays”

Prof Yingbo HuaProf Ping Liang





Yingbo Hua (PI) and Ping Liang (Co-PI)

This award provides UCR the equipment fund that is needed to conduct experimental investigation of full-duplex multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) wireless relays. A full-duplex relay can receive data from one node and transmit data to another node using the same frequency channel at the same time. It doubles the spectral efficiency of a half-duplex relay, improves data throughput and supports smart spectrum re-use. All existing transceivers used in wireless communications are half-duplex. The technology proposed by the PI and Co-PI solves some long-standing technical difficulties to make broadband full duplex radio a reality and could substantially transform future wireless communications. The DURIP fund supports the implementation and experimentation of prototype full duplex relays. The equipment to be used for this research will also enable a new curriculum development in radio frequency and digital signal processing systems for UCR electrical and computer engineering students.


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