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NSF funds Prof. Mourikis’s research on resource-constrained navigation

NSF funds Prof. Mourikis’s research on resource-constrained navigation

Prof MourikisAssistant Professor Anastasios Mourikis has received a grant from the National Science Foundation for developing new techniques for high-precision navigation in systems with minimal computational and sensory resources. The title of the project is “Minimalistic Estimators for Navigation of Miniature Mobile Platforms” (IIS-1117957), and a total of $447K has been awarded for the 3-year duration of the project. This is a single-PI grant.

In this project, Prof. Mourikis’s research group will develop estimation methods that can optimally utilize minimal resources for high-precision pose tracking. This project seeks to propose the first formal methodologies for providing selections of parameters (e.g., camera frame rate, image resolution, number and type of detected features) for long-term, high-accuracy navigation on small portable devices. The immediate impact of this research effort will be increased cost efficiency and accuracy for navigation tasks in diverse applications. The developed technology will be made available to the wider community through open-source position-tracking software for mobile phone devices.

More details can be found on the NSF website at:

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