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Professor Balandin Named Fellow of OSA – The Optical Society

Professor Balandin Named Fellow of OSA – The Optical Society
Professor Balandin

Alexander Balandin, professor of electrical engineering and chair of the Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Program has been named a fellow of OSA - The Optical Society. OSA was founded more than 90 years ago as The Optical Society of America and has evolved into a global enterprise serving a worldwide constituency. In recognition of its global reach, since 2008 the society has been known as OSA - The Optical Society. Balandin was elected by the society’s board of directors at its meeting in Rochester, N.Y., and informed of his election in a letter from the OSA President J. C. Wyant, a professor at the University of Arizona. The board cited him for “outstanding contributions to investigation of the optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures and pioneering work on the optothermal metrology of graphene.” Balandin is the first BCoE professor to be elected an OSA fellow. He will receive his certificate and will be honored at the society’s conference in Los Angeles in March 2011.

Balandin’s research, which led to OSA fellow election, is related to theoretical and experimental studies of optical properties of nanostructures made from the wide band-gap semiconductors such as zinc oxide and gallium nitride. These materials are used for fabrication of blue and ultraviolet light emitting diodes and lasers. Professor Balandin also developed a new Raman spectroscopic technique for investigation of thermal properties of graphene. His non-contact optical method has allowed his research group to perform pioneering studies of heat conduction in graphene. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon with the thickness of just one atomic layer. This year, Professors A. Geim and K. Novoselov, University of Manchester, were awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of graphene.

The mission of OSA is to promote the generation and application of knowledge in optics and to disseminate this knowledge worldwide. The OSA members include individuals from over 95 countries and nearly half of the society's members reside outside the United States. The fellows of the society are selected from the OSA members who distinguished themselves in research and advancement of optics field. The number of fellows elected annually is limited to 0.4% of the current membership.

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