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Balandin Group's Results Published in Nature Materials Highlighted Worldwide

Balandin Group's Results Published in Nature Materials Highlighted Worldwide

Balandin Group 2010New experimental and theoretical results obtained in professor Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) research group were published in this week’s Nature Materials journal.  Nature Materials is the highest ranked journal in the field of materials science and engineering (impact factor of 23.132 in 2008). It has been predicted by theoretical physicists that the intrinsic thermal conductivity in strictly two-dimensional (2D) systems reveals logarithmic divergence. This means, that unlike in conventional 3D objects, it cannot have a well-defined finite value, obtained from the Fourier’s law, without specifying the physical size of the 2D system. Until now, this theoretical prediction remained an intellectual curiosity. Balandin group experimentally demonstrated the predicted dimensional crossover of the thermal conductivity using a set of suspended few-layer graphene samples. The measurements were carried out using a non-contact optical technique developed by Professor Balandin two years ago. This Raman spectroscopy based technique has became conventionally accepted and reproduced in the research laboratories world-wide (e.g., UT-Austin, Purdue, CNRS, etc.). The evolution of the thermal conductivity was explained theoretically through changes in the phonon scattering. The obtained results have important practical implications for heat removal and thermal management of computer chips and proposed 3D electronics. Professor E.P. Pokatilov and Dr. D.L. Nika – visiting researchers in Balandin – group performed numerical calculations of thermal conductivity. The first author of the paper – EE PhD graduate Suchismita Ghosh – currently works at Intel Corporation. EE PhD candidate Samia Subrina carried out computer simulations to help with the experimental data extraction. The initial set of samples for this research was produced in the lab of physics professor C.N. Lau. The Nature Materials paper was highlighted in scientific and engineering media world-wide (more than 50 technical news sites and journals highlighted the work). The links to some of the press releases and original Nature Materials paper are given below. The photo shows NDL research group with three co-authors of the paper.

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