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NSF and SRC support research for advanced thermal modeling techniques for multi-core microprocessors

NSF and SRC support research for advanced thermal modeling techniques for multi-core....


EE Associate Professor Sheldon Tan (PI) and Professor Yingbo Hua (co-PI) received three -year grants from National Science Foundation and Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) for exploring new techniques of building compact parameterized, transient thermal models for efficient thermal-aware design space explorations in multicore microprocessor designs. Multicore (also known as so-called chip-multiprocessors (CMP)) architectures are the trend for current and future microprocessor designs.

They provide better performance via thread-level parallelism, better power/thermal scaling, and easy design by design reuse. However, power/thermal considerations are still the first-class constraints for multicore microprocessor designs. Thermal-aware design space explorations at core and architecture level for multicore microprocessors become critical design issues.

The outcome of this research will add significantly to the core knowledge of thermal modeling multicore design. It will provide a new alternative way to complement existing architecture-level thermal models for the architecture community.
The project is jointly supported by NSF and SRC. The UCR team will work closely with SRC member company, Intel Corporation, for building advanced thermal modeling techniques for Intel's current and future multicore microprocessors.


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