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Ozkans harness sunshine for power source

Ozkans harness sunshine for power source
Ozkans and Riverside Public Utilities

BCOE faculty members Mihri Ozkan and Cengiz Ozkan have received funding from Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) for novel green-energy systems: a solar powered hiking backpack and a solar powered jumper unit for automobiles. Pictured are Michael McLellan and Lynn Scott from RPU, Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan, and Michael Bacich from RPU.

Solar charged batteries developed at UCR will be integrated into the backpack, whose key features are a personal electric fan unit, a shoulder-mounted light and an electronic device charger for personal electronics such as cell phones, MP3 players, etc., and into the jumper unit designed to be used as an emergency power provider for starting car engines without the need for jumper cables and another vehicle. These two applications based on solar power were selected for the purpose of different total power output needs.

During the fabrication of the prototypes, both commercially available solar panels and UCR-fabricated solar cells will be used. Once the prototypes are fabricated, a demonstration session will be arranged for the RPU grant office and multimedia/movies describing the working devices will be provided to the RPU staff for their further utilization.

Because the global energy consumption rate is projected to more than double by the mid-21st century, there is a real need for new, inexpensive and environmentally safe technologies for producing energy. Both of the Ozkans will work with a local high school, providing outreach activities towards increasing public awareness of Green-Energy Initiatives. In addition, senior design classes for undergraduate and summer research students at BCOE will continue to offer hands-on solar cell fabrication experience and their adaptation for personal electronics/public utilization.

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