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Electrically pumped ZnO lasers highlighted by Laser Focus World

Electrically pumped ZnO lasers highlighted by Laser Focus World
Professor Liu

Professor Jianlin Liu and his graduate students’ recent research paper on electrically pumped ZnO diode lasers, which was published by Applied Physics Letters on 11/3/2008 (APL 93, 181106(2008)), has been highlighted at the premier scientific/development news magazine Laser Focus World in a news article: “Semiconductor Lasers: Ultraviolet ZnO laser diode has p-n junction”. This is the first electrically pumped ZnO quantum well diode laser based on epitaxial p-type and n-type ZnO materials. ZnO’s intriguing intrinsic properties such as large exciton binding energy make it potentially better than gallium nitride (GaN) materials for laser applications. Nevertheless, the p-type reliability associated with ZnO is still the key problem toward the creation of practical ZnO lasers. Professor Jianlin Liu’s Quantum Structures Laboratory has made the first step toward this direction and is working toward solving the p-type doping problem to create more coherent ZnO ultraviolet lasers, which have many applications. To read more about the paper, please go to his group webpage; find the journal publication list; and see number 106.

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