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Amit Roy-Chowdhury part of DARPA team on activity-based video search

Amit Roy-Chowdhury part of DARPA team on activity-based video search

Professor Roy-ChowdhuryUCR is part of a team that has won a prestigious grant from DARPA on Video and Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool (VIRAT). Amit Roy-Chowdhury is the the PI at UCR.

Only 3 teams were selected nationwide. The team UCR is on is led by Lockheed Martin and involves other faculty from UCSB, UT Austin, CMU and University of Central Florida. Phase I of the project is for 18 months and is one of DARPA's new initiatives in the area of video analysis. It will have high visibility as the project will involve some of the top computer vision research groups in the country.

The overall goal of the project is to retrieve all video segments from a large database or a streaming media given a clip consisting of a similar activity. Prof. Roy-Chowdhury's role will be to develop activity recognition algorithms and analyze their feasibility to interface with database retrieval methods. Currently users have nothing to assist in search through video archives, or for that matter, being cued in live video streams.

VIRAT will be an immense help to increase analyst productivity and efficiency. In a sense, we need a “google for video” type of capability which can make simple yet important gains in this respect. To achieve the goals of the VIRAT program, two key technical challenges must be overcome. First, activity recognition algorithms must be proven to work on challenging real-world data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Second, the recognition algorithm must be embedded in an efficient Video query and search framework, and uniquely formulated to work within a search engine.

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