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Ozkans named senior partners on polymers MRSEC

Ozkans named senior partners on polymers MRSEC

OzkansThe University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) has selected the University of California, Riverside as a collaborating institution in its Center for Polymers, a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) funded by the National Science Foundation. Electrical Engineering Associate Professor Mihri Ozkan (l.) and Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Cengiz S. Ozkan (r.) were named Senior Investigators as part of the MRSEC team at UMass.

The Center for Polymers has contributed to spin-offs to industry of several key technologies over the past five years. The Center specializes in hierarchically ordered polymer systems based on nanoscopic elements and nanoconfinement relevant to functional nanodevices, properties and applications of polymers in ionic solvents, elastic instabilities in controlling surface morphology and hierarchical structures and amphiphilic polymers for ordered insoluble solids, self assembly of block copolymers and supramolecular assembly. Mihri Ozkan's group will contribute on fabrication and testing of photovoltaic devices while Cengiz Ozkan's group will contribute on synthesis, functionalization and integration of nanoparticles.

Led by Principal Investigator Thomas Russell, the Center integrates the expertise of UCR and other senior academic partners as well as other global partners from industry and national labs. The Center research efforts will be enhanced by involvement with the Global Research Laboratory at Seoul National University and the Advanced Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University.


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