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Senior Design Projects attract national attention

Senior Design Projects attract national attention

All Electrical Engineering graduates at UCR must complete a two-quarter design project. They are required to complete a complex engineering design and demonstrate a working product at the end of the project. Students are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas and work closely with supervising professors to define and carry out the design project. Each year, students complete impressive design projects and this year they achieved new heights. Below are three representative projects completed by this year’s senior EE students.

Senior Design Project

Students Tony Xiao, Chris Jereza and Javier Pinedo working in a group under the supervision of Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev completed a proof of concept design of a novel system using Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) to transmit usable power across distances without the use of physical cable connections. The designed an apparatus that demonstrated wireless power absorption due to ferromagnetic resonance at 1064 MHz with an efficiency of 95%. This is first result anywhere to clearly demonstrate that Ferromagnetic resonance can be a viable and potentially optimal approach to wireless power transmission. 

Senior Design ProjectStudent Joseph Silva, under the supervision of Prof. Yingbo Hua, designed and built a real-time GPS tracking system, complete with GPS and cellular network data transmission hardware, backend servers and a live tracking web site  This system will enable any organization to track their mobile workforce using low cost devices that is smaller than the size of a cigarette box. The position and travel path of each vehicle or person will show up on Google map in real-time at Joseph says that he will work on commercializing his system.

Senior Design ProjectStudents Vamsee Kandimalla and Jason Utulo, supervised by Prof. Ping Liang, completed the design of a gun-carrying robot that is controlled remotely via wireless network. The robot is equipped with a automatic air pistol and is controlled using a video and data link via the Internet and a secure Wifi wireless connection. The students envision that their robots can be <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->used in security and military applications. After they posted their demo video in Youtube, it was picked up by many technology blogs, including Engadget, the number one blog on technology gadgets (

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