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Professor Korotkov's Research is on the Cover of New Scientist Magazine

Professor Korotkov's Research is on the Cover of New Scientist Magazine
The cover story of May 12 issue of the New Scientist magazine is based on two recent papers co-authored by Professor Alexander Korotkov. One paper (published in Science) presents an experiment on partial quantum measurement proposed by Dr. Korotkov and realized in the group of Professor John Martinis at UC Santa Barbara. The other paper, coauthored with Professor Andrew Jordan of University of Rochester and published in Physical Review Letters, proposes even more advanced experiment, which would show a possibility to undo partial quantum measurement (so-called “quantum un-demolition”), the concept seemingly contradicting the commonly accepted point of view in quantum theory. Both experiments have serious implications on understanding the fundamental laws of nature (and possibly on some practical issues), which are discussed in the New Scientist article authored by Amanda Gefter. The article ends with a question (some exaggeration is understandable): “It's a true cliffhanger: will Martinis save Schrödinger's cat or the durable fabric of your universe?”
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