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SUNRISE begins work on UCR campus

SUNRISE begins work on UCR campus
The Summer Undergraduate Nanoscale Research Institute for Science and Engineering (SUNRISE) welcomed its first students to UCR this week. SUNRISE was created with $300,000 funds provided by the National Science Foundation in the framework of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Sites program. The students admitted to SUNRISE were selected from many applicants, and came from both nearby community colleges and other UC campuses.  The electrical engineering research topics, which are offered this summer, include Formation of 3-D Hierarchical Structures (M. Ozkan); ZnO/ZnMgO Hetero-junction Field-Effect Transistors (J.L. Liu); Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices Modeling (R. Lake); Phonon Engineering at Nanoscale (A.A. Balandin); and Performance Enhancement of GaN-Based Transistors (A.A. Balandin). SUNRISE is run by Christian Foster, Director of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program together with Professor Alexander Balandin, REU Site PI and Neuroscience Professor Vladimir Parpura, REU Site co-PI.
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