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EE Professor Korotkov coauthors paper in Science

EE Professor Korotkov coauthors paper in Science
The June 9 issue of Science has published the paper on partial quantum collapse of a superconducting qubit (quantum bit), co-authored by the experimental group from UC Santa Barbara headed by Prof. John Martinis, and by Prof. Alexander Korotkov from UC Riverside. The paper sheds light on a long-standing problem of the quantum state collapse due to measurement, presenting the first solid-state experiment revealing quantum dynamics "inside" the collapse. In contrast to a widely accepted point of view, the experimental results show that the qubit remains fully coherent in the process of non-unitary evolution due to measurement. This finding is a strong evidence confirming the theory of continuous quantum measurement, being developed for solid-state systems by Prof. Korotkov. Besides contributing to understanding of the foundations of quantum mechanics, the experiment shows a new way of qubit manipulation, which may be useful for quantum computing. The text of the paper can be found here.
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