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Professor Balandin receives $100,000 from the National Science Foundation

Professor Balandin receives $100,000 from the National Science Foundation
Electrical Engineering Professor Alexander Balandin received a new $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) administered through the Nanoscale Exploratory Research (NER) program. The one-year single-PI project, entitled "Nanophononics: a new approach to the electron transport enhancement in nanoscale devices", is sponsored jointly by NSF and the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). The objective of this research project, to be conducted in Balandin's Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL), is to investigate a possibility of the electron – phonon scattering rate suppression and corresponding enhancement of the electron conduction and heat flow in the specially designed nanostructure-based devices. The research will involve both theoretical studies and the experimental proof-of-the-concept demonstrations using prototype nanostructures. The interest of SRC to this project is explained by its potential impact on the electronic industry. The proposed approach may affect both the conventional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and beyond-CMOS electronic device designs. The phonon engineering concept, i.e. nanophononics, and its applications to the enhancement of the electronic-device operation may have an impact comparable to that of the electron band-gap engineering, which brought a revolution to the electronic and optoelectronic industries.
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