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Important Undergraduate Account Information

Important Undergraduate Account Information
Starting Monday May 3rd, the Electrical Engineering Department will not store new mail for undergraduate students in order to centralize email on one location which is UCR's webmail ( As a result, you must fill out the following form, even if you are already forwarding your email, so your email can be forwarded to your UCR account and so that we know you are using your account:

In the same manner, alumni will have to fill out the following form:

The password to access these forms is your email password. In addition, alumni account quotas will be reduced to 5MB.

Please note that by forwarding your email, you will still be able to receive email even if you are over quota. You will still be able to access your old email or send emails through EE's webmail. The email forwarding will be effective on May 3rd. For any questions/problems email Isaac Saldana at

Questions: 1. I already have my ee email forwarded to my personal account. Do I still need to fill out the forms below?

Yes. This is so that we know your SID and/or that you are using your EE account. Enrolled students should fill out the student.cgi form, and alumni forward.cgi.

2. I tried going to that website to fill out the form but it asks for my username and password and it does not work. What am I doing wrong?

This should be the same password that you use to log in to your EE webmail account at If you are problems please stop by the systems office in room b213 during office from 2-4 pm or by appointment by emailing
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