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Patterning Technologies for Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up

Patterning Technologies for Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up


Dr. Gregory Wallraff

IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose, CA

When: Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: A265 Bourns Hall


Semiconductor lithography is facing tremendous challenges as device feature sizes shrink below 30 nanometers. These "top down" patterning techniques are facing the fundamental limitations from both imaging physics and photoresist chemistry. As a consequence there is an interest in merging the self-assembly "bottom-up" techniques being developed in many laboratories with "top down" microfabrication technology. In this approach conventional lithography would be used to create templates for the self assembly of nanostructures with sub-lithographic features having the addressability and registration required for integration into functional devices.

In this presentation I will describe the current status of semiconductor lithography and discuss next generation technology. Next I will describe templated self assembly of artificial DNA nanostructures (DNA origami1) on lithographically patterned substrates. AFM imaging results will be described on both planar chemically patterned surfaces and topographically patterned surfaces fabricated using either electron-beam or optical photoresist based lithography. The placement of individual triangular DNA nanostructures with excellent site selectivity and alignment will be demonstrated.
P.W.K. Rothemund, Nature 2006 440, 297-302

About the Speaker:

Gregory Wallraff received a PhD from the University of Utah in Physical Organic Chemistry. He joined the IBM Almaden Research Center in 1987 as a Research Staff Mamber. His primary interests are devoted to the development of photoresists for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.


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