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EE Faculty Receive NSF Grant from National Robotics Initiative

EE Faculty Receive NSF Grant from National Robotics Initiative

EE Faculty Receive NSF Grant from National Robotics Initiative

September 4, 2013

Three EE faculty, Roy-Chowdhury (PI), Farrell and Mourikis, are principal investigators on a new grant from the National Science Foundation. The project, titled “Multirobot-Human Coordination for Visual Scene Understanding”, will be funded as part of the National Robotics Initiative (NRI). The objective of the research is to enable the development of teams of robots, equipped with vision and other sensors, capable of working alongside humans in critical missions, such as search and rescue. The approach is to develop mathematical frameworks and algorithms to enable such a team of robots to coordinate their paths, share and analyze their sensor data, maintain communications, and interact effectively and safely with humans. The project brings together experts in computer vision, robotics, estimation theory and controls. The success of this project will be a major step towards the deployment of teams of robots to assist humans in dangerous and complex tasks like disaster response. Search-and-rescue experts will advise the team in developing a prototype system, and evaluating it in situations that mimic operational conditions. This is the first grant at UCR from the NRI program.

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