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Roy-Chowdhury's Face Recognition Work Featured on PBS

Roy-Chowdhury's Face Recognition Work Featured on PBS

Roy-Chowdhury's Face Recognition Work Featured on PBS

August 14, 2013

EE Professor Amit Roy-Chowdhury is featured on the PBS show Ultimate Tut that offers fresh insights into King Tutankhamun.


Roy-Chowdhury, along with his PhD student Ramya Srinivasan, used facial recognition software to answer the filmmaker's question about whether the bust of King Tut found in one of his coffins was actually the face of Nefertitti, Tut’s step-mother.


Using sophisticated statistical analysis tests, Roy Chowdhury found the bust of King Tut had a 65 percent similarity to images of King Tut, a finding that is not very informative since faces of two random people have a significant degree of similarity. He then found that the bust of King Tut had an 85 percent similarity to Nefertiti. He concluded that there is a high level of confidence that the representation in the coffin resembles Nefertiti. The group will present a paper providing details of the techniques, but applied to European Renaissance Art, at The 21st ACM International Conference on Multimedia in October in Spain.

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