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Ozkan Lab Publishes JMR Cover Article

Ozkan Lab Publishes JMR Cover Article

Ozkan Lab Publishes JMR Cover Article

March 12, 2013

Professors Cengiz Ozkan and Mihri Ozkan, both, faculty of the Winston Chung Center published a new article on their joint work entitled “Chrysanthemum-like Carbon Nanofiber Foam for Supercapacitors with Large Areal Capacitance” in the Journal of Materials Research (JMR). Editors of this philosophical journal in the field of materials science selected the Ozkans’ manuscript as the cover article of their issue. The Ozkans’ co-advised students, Wei Wang and Dr. Shirui Guo, who are co-authors in this publication.

From Ozkans’ laboratory, three dimensional (3D) Chrysanthemum-like carbon nanofiber (CNF) bundle nanostructure foam was synthesized on highly porous foam material. The chrysanthemum-like CNF bundle foam super capacitor demonstrated a high areal capacitance of 1.37 F/cm2 (gravitational specific capacitance: 23.83 F/g), which lead to a superior per-area energy density (0.19 Wh/cm2) and power density (141.77 W/cm2). In addition, the capacitance retention of ~100% over 13000 charge-discharge cycles showed the high electrochemical stability of this type of carbon nanostructure foam for high areal capacitance super capacitors.

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