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Weekly Coffee Hour with Prof. Mihri Ozkan

Weekly Coffee Hour with Prof. Mihri Ozkan

Weekly Coffee Hour with Prof. Mihri Ozkan

February 25, 2013

Prof. Mihri Ozkan is having weekly coffee hours in her office with members of the Society of Women Engineers Chapter at UCR. Dr. Ozkan is the founding faculty of the SWE chapter at UCR. This week, she met with Paige Romero (3rd year MSE student, and Vice President of SWE), Brenda Pena (2nd year Bioengineering student, SWE Sports Team Manager), Sandra Hernandez (2nd year Chemical Engineering student, SWE Member), Tasnia Qazi (2nd year EE student, SWE Webmaster) and Paknin "Tony" Hong          ( 2nd year CS student, SWE Member). Over coffee, they talked about their experiences within the engineering departments related to their gender. Dr. Ozkan would like to keep her coffee hours until she completes meetings with all members of the SWE at UCR. Dr. Ozkan says “this is such a great experience for the students and myself. Sharing our experiences is very exciting and helps everyone to express their true feelings and life style in engineering”. And she adds “You are not alone. Come and share your experiences at UCR-engineering”.

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