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EE Graduate Student Wins IMAPS Student Thermal Competition at Silicon Valley's Conference

EE Graduate Student Wins IMAPS Student Thermal Competition at Silicon Valley's....

EE Graduate Student Wins IMAPS Student Thermal Competition at Silicon Valley's Conference

November 16, 2012


Electrical engineering PhD candidate Zhong Yan was declared a winner of this year's Student Thermal Research Competition for his paper presented at the Thermal Management conference organized by the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS). The event attended by representatives of many Silicon Valley's high-tech companies was held in Los Gatos, California on November 12-14, 2012. Zhong’s presentation was entitled Graphene Heat Spreaders for High-Power GaN Transistors. The workshop and competition were supported by IMAPS and industry leaders including HP, Parker, Oracle, Intel and Electronic Cooling Solutions. Zhong Yan received and the 2012 Thermal Student Competition Winner certificate and monetary prize. Zhong conducts his dissertation research in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) of the electrical engineering professor Alexander A. Balandin. His work is focused on improving thermal management and reliability of the high-power density gallium nitride (GaN) electronic and optoelectronic devices with graphene-based heat spreaders. The reduction of temperature rise in GaN devices achieved via the use of graphene, demonstrated in by Zhong in Balandin lab, leads to significant improvement in reliability of GaN technology. Optoelectronic applications of GaN include solid-state lighting, traffic lights and communications. The promising electronic applications for GaN are in radars and high-frequency communications. Technical details of the winning research were published in the Nature Communication paper entitled Graphene Quilts for Thermal Management of High-Power GaN Transistors. 


Nano-Device Laboratory [ ]


Free access to Z. Yan, G. Liu, J.M. Khan and A.A. Balandin "Graphene quilts for thermal management of high-power GaN transistors," Nature Communications 3, 827 (2012) is at


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