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Defense Archives

2017 Defense Archives

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2015 Defense Archives


2014 Defense Archives

Thursday, 11/13/14 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Visual-Inertial Odometry on Resource-Constrained Systems

Friday, 6/13/14 - 9:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 203

FPGA Implementation of Computer Vision Algorithm; Presented by Zhonghua Zhou


2013 Defense Archives

Friday, 12/6/13 - 9:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Final Defense , Qichi Yang -Arterial Traffic Activity Estimation

Friday, 11/22/13 - 11:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Electronic and Magneto-electronic Properties of Nanopatterned

Monday, 3/11/13 - 12:00 am
Winston Chung Hall, 215

Final Defense Xuexin Liu


2012 Defense Archives

Thursday, 3/22/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Mario Olmedo - Study of Nanocrystal Structures and Their Memory Applications

Friday, 3/16/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

CMOS RF Power Amplifier Design for Wireless Communications

Friday, 3/16/12 - 2:00 pm
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206

Qiang Fang PhD - CMOS RF Power Amplifier Design for Wireless Communications


2011 Defense Archives

Synthesis, Characterization and Utility of Carbon Nanotube Based Hybrid Sensors in Bioanalytical Applications

August 19, 2011 |Full Article

Write-Once Read-Many-Times (WORM) Memory based on Zinc Oxide on Si

August 12, 2011 |Full Article

MAC design for optical wireless communications

August 8, 2011 |Full Article

Ultraviolet Communication Network Modeling and Analysis

August 5, 2011 |Full Article

Modeling and Characterization of Ultraviolet Scattering Communication Channels

August 5, 2011 |Full Article

Robust Vehicle State Estimation for Improved Traffic Sensing and Management

June 13, 2011 |Full Article

Reliable GPS Integer Ambiguity Resolution

June 1, 2011 |Full Article

Final Defense of Dissertation for Arvind Ramanandan

May 25, 2011 |Full Article

2D Dirac Materials: From Graphene to Topological Insulators

May 19, 2011 |Full Article

Full-Band Impulse-Radio Ultra Wideband Transceivers with Integrated ESD Protection

May 19, 2011 |Full Article

Final Defense of Dissertation for Yi-Hsiang Wang

May 15, 2011 |Full Article

Nanotechnology Applications in Self-Assembly and DNA Computing

March 14, 2011 |Full Article

Modeling, Design, and Analysis of III-V Nanowire Transistors and Tunneling Transistors

January 5, 2011 |Full Article


2009 Defense Archives

First-Principle Simulations of Transmission Spectra in Graphene Nano-Ribbons

December 10, 2009 |Full Article

Synthesis and Characterization of CuS and CuInS2 Nanowires and Their Potential as Materials Systems for Solar Cells

December 10, 2009 |Full Article

A Study of MIMO Detection Algorithms in Wireless Communications: Implementation and Comparison

December 9, 2009 |Full Article

Statistical Analysis for On-chip Power Grid Network and Interconnect With Process Variation

December 7, 2009 |Full Article

Power Scheduling for Multi-hop Wireless Networks

December 3, 2009 |Full Article

Advanced non-Krylov Subspace Model Order Reduction Techniques for Interconnect Circuits

November 25, 2009 |Full Article

Thermal Conduction in Graphene and Graphene Multilayers

November 10, 2009 |Full Article

Optimized Designs and Materials for Nanostructure-Based Solar Cells

November 3, 2009 |Full Article

High Throughput Ab Initio Modeling of Charge Transport for Bio-Molecular-Electronics

June 3, 2009 |Full Article

Self-Organizing and Optimal Control for Nonlinear Systems

May 14, 2009 |Full Article

Doping in Zinc Oxide Thin Films

May 12, 2009 |Full Article

Raman Nanometrology of Graphene

April 24, 2009 |Full Article

Unifying Behavior Based Control Design and Hybrid Stability Theory for AUV Application

March 20, 2009 |Full Article

Design and Development of Novel Routing Methodologies for Dynamic Roadway Navigation Systems

March 19, 2009 |Full Article

Mobile and Stationary Computer Vision Based Traffic Surveillance Techniques for Advanced ITS Applications

March 19, 2009 |Full Article

Scene Analysis, Control and Communication in Distributed Camera Networks

February 6, 2009 |Full Article


2008 Defense Archives

Attitude Determination for Control of Small Autonomous Aircraft

December 18, 2008 |Full Article


2007 Defense Archives

Peak to Average power reduction in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

December 12, 2007 |Full Article

Object Tracking and Network Topology Inference in the Multi-modal Sensor Network

November 19, 2007 |Full Article

Super-resolution and Facial Expressions for Face Recognition in Video

September 20, 2007 |Full Article

Object Tracking and Network Topology Inference in the Multi-modal Sensor Network

September 20, 2007 |Full Article

Thermal Transport in the Advanced Engineered Materials and Silicon-on-Insulator Field-Effect Transistors

September 14, 2007 |Full Article

Assembly of nanowires/nanoparticles and their electrical characterizations

August 21, 2007 |Full Article

Design and Analysis of Medium Access Protocols for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

August 14, 2007 |Full Article

Assembly of Single-walled Carbon Nanotube-Quantum Dot-Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Heter

June 19, 2007 |Full Article

Wireless Mesh Network Overview and WiMax Mesh Mode Delay Analysis

June 5, 2007 |Full Article

Performance Prediction for Biometrics Recognition Systems

June 1, 2007 |Full Article

Gene Set Clustering Analysis with Adaptive Learning

May 31, 2007 |Full Article

Multi-Modal Biometrics Fusion for Human Recognition in Video

May 30, 2007 |Full Article

Learning in Image and Geo-spatial Databases

May 30, 2007 |Full Article

Power and Thermal Integrity Analysis and Optimization for Nanometer VLSI Systems

May 18, 2007 |Full Article

Electrochemical Synthesis of Core-Shell Nanostructured Materials

May 16, 2007 |Full Article

Fabrication and Characterization of One-Dimensional Functional Nanostructures

May 9, 2007 |Full Article

Ambient Temperature Effects on the Performance of AlGaN/GaN Field-Effect Transistors

May 9, 2007 |Full Article

Process Variation Aware Interconnect Simulation and Optimization in VLSI Design

May 8, 2007 |Full Article

Self-Organizing On-line Approximation Based Control

March 20, 2007 |Full Article

Engineering the Nanocrystal Floating Gates for Nonvolatile Flash Memory Devices

March 13, 2007 |Full Article

Measurement and Feedback Control of Solid-State Qubits

February 27, 2007 |Full Article


2006 Defense Archives

Time Series Analysis of Vehicle Velocity Data for the Identification of Freeway Level of

December 14, 2006 |Full Article

Human Ear Recognition in 3D

November 30, 2006 |Full Article

Automatic Generation from C to VHDL for Reconfigurable Devices

November 28, 2006 |Full Article

Growth and Characterization of p-type ZnO by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

November 22, 2006 |Full Article

Quantum Electron Transport in Nanoscale Devices

November 9, 2006 |Full Article

Transceiver Design for Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems

September 22, 2006 |Full Article

Blind Source Separation and Identification and Wireless Relays

September 21, 2006 |Full Article

Decentralized Traffic Information System Design Based on Inter-Vehicle Communication

September 5, 2006 |Full Article

Software Radio Implementation of Multi-Frequency Global Navigation Satellite System Recei

July 21, 2006 |Full Article

Low-Delay Distributed Source Coding: Bounds and Performance of Practical Codes

June 15, 2006 |Full Article

Intelligent Automatic Vehicle Location Techniques

June 8, 2006 |Full Article

Micro-Raman and Photoluminescence Characterization of ZnO and Hybrid Bio-Inorganic Nanost

June 5, 2006 |Full Article

Space-Time Coding and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in Cooperative Wireless

March 23, 2006 |Full Article

Design Methodologies, Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanosc

February 10, 2006 |Full Article

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