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IBM T.J. Watson Research Center awarded internships to two EE Ph.D. candidates

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center awarded internships to two EE Ph.D. candidates
The IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center selected two Electrical Engineering PhD candidates Khairul Alam and Manu Shamsa for the prestigious summer internship program in its main laboratory in Yorktown Heights. Khairul Alam, who works in Professor Roger Lake’s Laboratory for Terascale and Terahertz Electronics (LATTE), carries out theoretical research of electronic transport in nanostructures. Manu Shamsa, who works in Professor Alexander Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL), carries out experimental research focused on thermal transport in semiconductor nanostructures and amorphous materials. T.J. Watson Research Center is the headquarters for the IBM Research Division, which is the largest industrial research organization in the world with eight laboratories worldwide. The research in this premier industrial laboratory focuses information technology hardware, ranging from exploratory work in the physical sciences to semiconductors and systems technology. The cutting-edge research of the two EE graduate students, who investigate the electronic and thermal conduction in nanodevices, has been considered crucial for the future electronic circuits. Photo: Khairul (left) and Manu in front of the Bourns College of Engineering Unit II building.
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