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Post-doc Justin Dressel Co-Authors Nature Cover Article

Post-doc Justin Dressel Co-Authors Nature Cover Article

Post-doc Justin Dressel Co-Authors Nature Cover Article

August 20, 2014

A paper coauthored by ECE postdoctoral scholar Justin Dressel has recently been featured on the cover of Nature.  Dressel works in the Quantum Computing and Measurement Physics (QCAMP)  group headed by ECE Professor Alexander Korotkov.  The experiment was performed at the University of California, Berkeley by Steve Weber, Professor Irfan Siddiqi, and Kater Murch, who is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Dressel, along with colleague Areeya Chantasri and former adviser Associate Professor Andrew Jordan at the University of Rochester proposed and prototyped the experiment, and assisted with the data analysis.

The experiment demonstrates for the first time the ability to successfully track the individual trajectories of a superconducting transmon qubit as it evolves while being continuously measured by a weak microwave signal. The experimental trajectories closely follow the theory previously developed by ECE Professor Korotkov. The experiment also confirmed theoretical predictions developed by Chantasri, Dressel, and Jordan using an action principle to find the most likely route the qubit would take between two specific quantum states. The work has also been highlighted in a
News & Views article in the same issue of Nature.



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